Health Policy

This assignment is intended to assess the following learning outcomes: 4. Critically evaluate the changes to the NHS at the local level. 5. Work with Health policy leaders and innovators 6. Review alternatives to traditional care delivery services. 7. Appreciate the role of Health commissioners. 9. Use the web for information gathering and communication Show how the recent policy changes in the NHS will improved Health care delivered to local communities. Evaluate the usefulness and success of these changes to Health and care delivery. Can the NHS learn from the voluntary sector? How is the Better Care Fund aiming to improve Health care? How is ?Care in the Community? and the work of voluntary organisations contributing to better Health? How is the new ?Health watch? likely to contribute to local Health care? What is the future for the District general hospital? Hospital finance Does Commissioning have a part in future Health care policy? What are the concerns surrounding the involvement of ?Alternative Qualified Providers? (AQP) Critically review the new ?Health and Well being Boards? Show how the work of the Newham Scrutiny Committee has contributed to better Health care. Show how community Health services are evolving in response to demands being made upon it and changes in Health policy. Does Primary care have a future in its present form? NHS Choices your Health your choice: Department of Health Inside Commissioning ? the latest thinking on redesigning Healthcare NHS England Public Health England Duncan Selbie Fridays Messages History of the NHS in England The NHS Structure Explained The Nuffield Trust The Kings Fund MyNHS ?Here you can see key data used by the NHS and local councils to monitor performance and shape the services you use. work to make it as clear as possible.?

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