Health care marginalized Incarcerated population

Nurses have ethical and moral obligation to reach and care for vulnerable, marginalized , and alienated from health. Literature search for the incarcerated population. A literature search will help analyze information that has been written about incarcerated population. It should give you the most up-to-date information about your selected topic and provide you with varying perspectives and viewpoints. Complete a literature search on the incarcerated population in regards to health care. Write a three page paper in which you: 1.Describe how your population has been defined. Explain why they are considered a vulnerable population. Discuss biases associated with this population. 2.Describe the main healthcare needs this population is currently lacking, and describe the main barriers this population has to face. 3.Explore several different agencies and services available to this population. Explore public policies relating to this population. 4.Define actions nurses can take to decrease risks and promote health care for this population. ›Include a title page, page numbers, running head, in-text citations, and five (5) scholarly, peer-reviewed references that relate to the vulnerable population you selected. The specific course learning outcomes

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