Health and physical assessment skills

1. Briefly discuss your past experiences with completing a history and physical (H and P) with patients. Address areas such as the environment (hospital, Nursing home, home care), whether the assessment was focused or comprehensive, and what decisions you made based on information obtained during your assessment. 2. Identify your strengths and areas for growth in your own skills for Health and physical assessment. 3. How do you think the process of Health and physical assessment changes as the Nurse?s role changes? 4. Think of a disease or disorder that you frequently see in your patient population. Consider pertinent two positives and two pertinent negatives (see your text for explanation) that would indicate the presence of the disorder. For example, strep throat. If the patient has enlarged tonsils and patchy white exudate, these are positive findings that make strep likely. Pertinent negatives of cough and age of 35 would make a strep diagnosis less likely. 5. Learners frequently comment that some components of physical assessment are not necessary to learn because they are not commonly used during a patient examination. As an evolving Nurse educator, how would you respond to students at any level (ADN, BSN or masters) who made this assertion? 6. Consider the process of clinical reasoning and provide an example of how you have applied clinical reasoning. Rules: 5 pages APA format with 3 references no older than 5 years Disorders: Urinary Tract Infections & Shortness of Breath (Asthma Exacerbation) Employment: Urgent Care and ER settings

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