Has capital punishment improved Crime in America and should it be brought to the UK?

The dissertation will be conducted from secondary research on capital punishment and will include the UK as a whole and 2/3 states in america preferably california and texas and other states which haeva death row prison. the dissertation will be made up of 3 chapters which will ultimately be: firstly- the first chapter will be about capital punishment with -brief history from the 20th and 21st century from the UK and USA -types of Crime in America which hold death penalty sentences and the Legal framework(laws) around the death penalty in both USA and UK -Most importantly Crime statistics in those 2/3 states which is for and against the death penalty compared to the UKs Crime stats as this is directly linked to the question. Second chapter- will be ultimately for the death penalty and all points which are in favour of the death penalty being brought to the UK.-points such as deterrence and deterring factors with proof of deterrence. also their needs to be arguments for the death penalty from scholars in the law and criminology field which support the death penalty.death row? third chapter- points against the death penalty being brought to the UK- such as Human rights and how it is violated, alternatives to capital punishment the cost of capital punishment vs imprisonment. death row? Abolition and death row can be mentioned aswell An introduction and methodology is needed before the three chapters and conclusion and reference list after however the synopsis and acknowledgments will not be needed. I have added what I think needs to be included but I know there is much more and I will leave that with the professionals such as yourself. Thank you so much

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