Harry Potter is a novel about Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is a novel about Harry Potter. Harry Potter had thought that he is just a simple person, maybe some wizards might had thought that Harry is a muggle… Then, there were his eleventh birthday…and everything had changed. Harry had to know that his parents were wizards and they were killed by an Evil Overlord, called Voldemort, who tryed to kill Harry as well, but it was unsuccessfull, and Voldemort lost his power. Almost everybody thought, that Voldemort was dead. And Harry became a wizard like his parents, and went to Hogwarts, which is a wizarding school. In Hogwarts Harry have to study very interesting subjects, like Divination, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts(this one is Harry’s favourite), Herbology, and things like these. Harry made friendships in the school, so his best friends now Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. Now Harry is going to the sixth class, so he is nearly sixteen years old. But he has bigger problems than being in love with a girl… The Evil Overlord, Voldemort has been back! So the war has already started… Let’s see, what will happen!…

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