Hardware is useless without software.discuss

INTRODUCTION: A computer is a multi purpose electronic tool that receives input, processes it and then produces output. A computer comprises of monitor, system unit and keyboard, which comprises the hardware, programs, operating systems make-up the software and human input or operation, which is the user. A computer has three basic processes, the first process is input, data is entered into the computer under the control of a user, whom has control of the instructions executed by the computer. Input is mainly done by using the keyboard and mouse. The second process is processing of data; this is done by the computer and programs. The computer follows instructions and uses the information entered. The third and final process is output, this are the results obtained as a result of the two previous processes. It can be output onto the screen or the printer. A computer has various functions it can be used to store data, to do calculations at high speed, store formulae, conduct research, draw architectural drawings and connect to the Internet. There are several computers in the market and they are configured to work in a certain way. Thus there, are three main types of computers available. The first type of computers are the super computers, these are the most expensive computers, they are also very fast and very powerful of all the computers. They are also multitasking and multi user computers. These computers are designed to handle vast amounts of information. They are generally dedicated to a specific purpose such as scientific work, defence systems, and NASA. They cost millions of Dollars. They have to be kept in specialized rooms that are equipped with a raised floor and air-conditioner running at a set temperature. This means that they handle more than one task and one user at once. The second type of computers is the mainframe computer, these, computers are also fast, powerful and also expensi…

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