Happy wife or confused adulteress, after getting through the first several paragraphs.

Janus Happy wife or confused adulteress, after getting through the first several paragraphs, I was sure I was reading a story about a woman who had some type of communication problem with her husband that was so severe it was turning her mad, hence the staying up late at night just staring at the bowl in the dim light of the night. She describes very well how this bowl has brought her a lot of luck with selling real estate and how it is her lucky charm now. The author goes as far as to say that “it was something she loved”. In the midst of all these descriptions she say’s that she has never mentioned her feelings toward the bowl to her husband before. Leaving me that much more perplexed as to why a woman or any person for that matter could have such strong feelings toward an inanimate object. However, after a couple pages of these intense descriptions of how lucky this bowl is to her and how much it means. She mentions a lover she has. Uh hah! She mentions how her lover purchased this bowl for her at some event for crafts. Now it started unfolding for me. The more I read the more she was describing her feelings, as being unexpressed and almost suppressed by her life that she was in. The bowl became more than a bowl. It became a symbol of her decisions she has made in her life. Soon after her lover purchased the bowl for her, he questioned her love for him and presented her with a question she didn’t want to answer, the way he wanted her too. He then spoke to her for the last time and left her. She was not ready to leave the life she had started with her husband, and her lover didn’t feel appreciated enough and left out of her life for good. So, this leads me back to the opening question. Is she a happy wife now or a confused adulteress? I am lead to believe that she can be either one and the author leaves it up to the reader to choose. She could be a happy wife and can be holding onto the bowl as a reminder of her ways, whe…

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