Group Processes and Work Teams

The Boeing Company is an aerospace defense company that operates six business segments: Commercial Airplanes, Aircraft and Weapon Systems, Network Systems, Support Systems and Launch, Integrated Defense Systems (IDS), and Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC). The Commercial Airplanes operations include development, production, and marketing of commercial jet aircraft. It also provides related support services to the commercial airline industry worldwide. IDS’ operations include research, development, production, modification and support of products and related systems, including military aircraft, helicopters, missiles, space systems, missile defense systems, satellites and satellite launching vehicles, rocket engines, and information battle management systems. BCC is primarily engaged in the financing of commercial and private aircraft and commercial equipment. The Boeing Company’s successful ingredient is in its approach to work teams and its effectiveness in coordinating large numbers of people to make important contributions toward achieving individual business segment organizational goals. The Boeing Company deploys formal groups such as teams, task forces and committees to efficiently and effectively achieve the company’s organizational goals and objectives. A great number of people at The Boeing Company work together in groups. There are two types of groups: formal groups and informal groups. Formal groups are devised to direct people toward achieving The Boeing Company’s organizational goals. Informal groups form naturally among people in The Boeing Company’s organization without any direction from management such as interest groups or friendship groups. Formal groups comprised of: 1. Command group”?people in this group generally give orders to others. Determined by organizational hierarchy, it usually consists of managers and their subordinates. 2. Task forces”?consist of individuals with some special interest or exper…

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