Group Development and Team Functioning

Abstract Teamwork has become a major focus in the business world. Organizations have realized that the transition from individual to team management approach is a priority. Today’s businesses would rather train a team to do the decision making, instead of just one individual. Many organizations are implementing teams as a means of increasing effectiveness and efficiency. Group processes and conflicts directly impact the choice of team member selection and required results. The psychology of the teamwork and management and how they can be applied in the business environment are subjects that need to be explored before a team can function. Importance of Group Development and Team Functioning Teams what does it all mean? Creating an effective team is an art and a science. Any organization is constantly changing and evolving. “Change is good and the ability of an organization to adapt and be flexible helps stimulate the organizations growth” (Mukherjee and Mukherjee, 2001) Organizations increasingly use teams to oversee various undertakings and projects in the hopes that the creativity and performance of the team will far outperform any individual performance. “A team is defined as a group of people who have complementary skills; a higher commitment to common goals and have a higher degree of interdependency and interaction.” (French and Bell, 1999) Building an effective team starts by selecting diverse members that are knowledgeable and posses the required skills needed to carry out the task. With proper team setup the members can help to motivate and improve the productivity of the employees within the organization. Including workers and managers on the same side to attain a common goal or objective improves productivity. Teams however, need good structure and guidelines in order to work effectively. The size of the team, the task for which the team is set up and the roles and duties of the individual team members all play a…

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