GoPro Company’s Innovation Strategy

Project Requirement: Identify a company and analyze its innovation strategy and the processes it is (or should be) using to execute the strategy. Focus your analysis on key questions such as the following: 1) What types of innovation is this company pursuing? 2) What are the sources of the innovation pursued by this company? 3) Where in the life cycle is this company? 4) What business is this company in? Is it properly defined? 5) Did the company establish a dominant design? If yes, how did the company?s product/service become the dominant design? If not, what do you suggest the company should do to achieve such a status? 6) Do industry standards and standardization efforts have any positive and/or negative impact on this company? 7) What are the values offered by this company?s products and/or services? Can you identify any network externality value? 8) Was the company a first mover or a follower in its industry? What do you think of the timing of entry? 9) Can you identify this company?s core competencies? 10) Can you identify any core rigidity? If not, what might become core rigidities in the near future and how should the company deal with this risk? 11) Use Michael Porter?s competitive forces model to analyze the industry dynamics. 12) Does this company have a competitive advantage in its industry? Why? 13) Does this company have a sustainable competitive advantage? Why? 14) What is this company?s strategic intent? 15) Does this company collaborate with partners? If yes, whom do they collaborate with and what benefits are the company and its partners getting from their collaboration? If not, can they benefit from collaboration and with whom? 16) Is it important for this company to protect its innovation? Can it benefit from opening it up to others? 17) Does the company have the appropriate organizational structure to execute its innovation strategy? If not, what do you suggest they should do? The final report should include the following: 1) A cover page with the project topic and the names of all the team members; 2) A table of contents; 3) A one-page executive summary; 4) The main body of the report should be 8-10 pages long, single-spaced, and with proper section headings; 5) Your own conclusions must be included; 6) References must be included; 7) Additional background information, including figures and diagrams, may be included in the appendices.

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