global Englishes

Assessment Task (about 1500 words) Assignment 1 is designed to help you understand and digest issues that arise in the first half of the subject and write 300-400 words on each: 1. What caused the global spread of English? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this spread? 3. What is standard English and who decides? 4. Who owns English? Important ***You should refer to the readings relevant to each question.*** This assignment does not need to follow essay form (intro, conclusion etc) but should answer the four questions in turn. Do all answers need to be the same length? Generally, yes, the idea is that the answers are of similar length Do you need to write an introduction and conclusion? No References should follow the standard format. The questions can form subheadings. What makes a good assignment for this? I am looking for a clear understanding of the key topics. I therefore want to see good overviews of the issues, use of sources, and clear explanations. The answers should generally try to be balanced, explaining the different points of view. Clear understanding of the key topics from the first part of the subject Strong academic communication skills to explain complex knowledge

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