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Paper details: Assignment title As a newly appointed member of staff in your institution you have been tasked with developing a report on the main steps and procedures involved in designing and conducting a research project, including the overall presentation of the research. It should cover a discussion of the scientific basis for doing relevant and valid research, as well as important issues in research, such as ethics. You may use a particular research design to illustrate your answer throughout if you wish. Aim of the assessment: To reinforce and demonstrate your understanding of the research process and methodology. Instructions: The essay should not exceed 2000 words. The essay should be properly referenced. Generic Assessment Criteria for written assessments Your essay must: At a minimum: an excellent answer presenting a coherent and compelling argument, showing an original and excellent grasp of the subject. Student shows a comprehensive knowledge and familiarity with the relevant literature and his/her work exhibits the following qualities: Critical ability Analytic ability Evidence of selective use of appropriate sources, to demonstrate a significant awareness of research, clearly written and presented, and appropriately referenced throughout.

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