Functions of Attachment and Pathways to Adulthood

Assignment Instructions Write an essay on attachment. Describe attachment as the human infant?s adaptation to helplessness. How should parents respond to infants? We sometimes think of indifferent parenting as abnormal or pathological, but what evolutionary or adaptive factors might account for the tremendous range of parenting ?styles? or attitudes? How might the parent-child relationship shape children?s long-term developmental outcomes? Essay Evaluation Criteria In addition to in-text citations, you must include a bibliography. Avoid writing in first person (?I?). This is an objective essay that requires empirical evidence to support your ideas. Do NOT use Wikipedia, or any other obscure website. Please use APA or AAA formatting. Essays will be evaluated based on the criteria listed in the Critical Thinking Rubric. Critical Thinking Rubric (see essay instructions below): identifies and presents the student?s perspective and position based on class material and readings?thesis identifies and assess supporting data/evidence identifies and considers alternative points of view Can you consider an alternative point of view? (essays only) summarizes thesis and supporting information?conclusion clearly written Is discussion/essay concise? Clear? Structurally sound (grammar, sentence structure, etc.)? cites sources of information with author, date, and page number (example: Boyd and Silk 2006:25) Essay Instructions: You will submit one essay for each class unit for a total of three essays. These essays should be submitted as attachments; please do not copy and paste your essay into the text box. The essays will give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the course materials in a more formal fashion than the discussions. You should address the questions in essay format: Introduction (thesis), body, and conclusion. The content for each essay is specified and given in the lessons corresponding to the essay. Write 2-3 pages double spaced, 12 point font and 1 inch margins. The best essays are those that show you are critically thinking about the material and the ideas behind that material. Essays should be largely based on class materials and/or other academic material (i.e. primary journal articles). Be aware, that only writing about your opinion without supporting it with data will be marked down. Also, summarizing book/lecture material without any discussion or explanation will be marked down. Limit use of direct quotes (maybe 1 per assignment) and cite your quotes and paraphrasing with author?s last name or movie name, date and page number (example: Boyd and Silk 2006:25). Make sure to produce your own work for these essays (see academic integrity policy in the Syllabus).

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