From the one side, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” appears to represent the concept of free choice;

“Unexpected prize” From the one side, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” appears to represent the concept of free choice; however, upon closer inspection, one is able to view the true irony of the situation . From the other side, the story “The Lottery” explores the darkest side of the human psyches. Shirley shows a blind adherence to traditional forms of behavior that have lost their original meanings and acquired no new. To put it even more simply, ” The Lottery” is about the mundane evils hidden in everyday life and about the warring and subsuming of selves in a family, a community and sometime even in a single mind. The town hasn’t changed, the live in town as well has no news and the tradition to run the lottery shows the enclosed style of live in this town. Shirley Jackson used character’s role, name and conversation as symbolism in a New England town in early twentieth century. Three major characters not only represent some important symbols in the story but also reflect to the society and social ladder of town. The village’s most powerful man, Mr.Summers, owns the village’s largest business (a coal concern). Old Man Warner, who represent village traditions and Mrs.Hutchinson, the traditional subordinate women who appears as the scapegoat. Mr.Summers’ very name suggests that he has become a man of leisure through his wealth. He is the symbol of law and order. He was the one who ” declared the lottery open and control over the lottery”. Everyone in the town fallows the direction he points out. Seems like, 2 Mr.Summers has no experience of resistance from anyone, for anything. This is why he quit confidents about the forthcoming event. Nothing going to be different, nothing going to be wrong and his place in this town still there, where he want it to be, above everybody. We also can…

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