Frederick Douglass was a man of many thoughts.

Frederick Douglass was a man of many thoughts. He was one who was a slave and escaped, then tried to go back to what he used to do and rescue others. The topic of slavery to Douglass was one he looked against highly. This was something he was born into and grew up with. This topic was one that many slaves thought about, yet there was nothing they could do, or they didn’t do anything unlike Douglass. The significance about this was that Douglass was showing and telling the people, blacks and whites, what was happening to people of his culture, and how badly the whites were treating them when they were humans also. I agree with Douglass and his thoughts about how poorly they were treated as slaves and how the owners were just looking at them as a profit for their land and money. I think that he wrote this because he wanted to show and let people know about his life and what went on. Douglass opens his story with saying that whites were about narrowing the slaves’ opportunities for self-knowledge. I think and feel that this was true. The whites of the South were just taking the slaves and making them workers and laborers. Slavery had an effect on self-knowledge in that they weren’t even told birth date. It seems that whites were trying to take away identity in order for them to be more focused on work, so they would be able to produce more. Again, whites were just trying to make the blacks feel like they meant nothing other than workers. Another aspect of slavery that had an effect was black’s not knowing their family members. I think that this was a horrible way of trying to get slaves to only think about their work on the farms or plantations and not who they really “belonged” to. This also seems to be a way that the whites were trying to keep the identities of the slaves to a minimum, so they would think they were no ones except the plantation owners. Again with the whites not allowing the blacks to know…

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