five children classified with specific learning disabilities.

In my field experience classroom, there are five children classified with specific learning disabilities. They are included in the regular education program, and their learning is augmented by pullouts by specific related-service providers. The pullouts are done in such a way that there is little disruption to the class, which benefits all parties involved. While in the general education class, the children with special needs are integrated fully, and are not noticeably different from the other children. In this case, for these children, I feel that their full integration into the regular classroom, with pullouts is the appropriate education, as mandated by I.D.E.A. While I was not given the specific disabilities the five children have, I was told that two of them have a reading disability, two have speech impairments, and one has motor skill impairments. The children with reading disabilities are pulled out for forty minutes a day during their ELA period to work with the reading teacher. The speech and language pathologist pulls out the children with speech impairments twice a week. The fifth child goes to the occupational therapist once a week to help improve his handwriting. The children benefit greatly from their time with the related-service providers. The skills they work on augment the general education program very well. Without the pullouts, these children would definitely be lost and their education would not receive an appropriate education. Interestingly, the other children in the classroom all have similar needs to those with learning disabilities. All of the children struggle with one aspect of reading, or handwriting, or the like. Throughout the day, all of the children need some special attention for various reasons. While the child with the motor disabilities struggles writing the letter “y,’ so does one child without a disability. The fact that the children with disabilities struggle because of …

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