Final Presentation is an opportunity to synthesize what you have learned about your social change issue and share that information, along with proposed solutions,

essay (3?5 pages, not including cover page or references), address key aspects of your social issue. Your Final Presentation must include the following elements: ? Introduction ? Summary of the problem ? Potential solutions ? Key actions that you as an individual can take ? Objectives/desired outcomes of each action ? Expected objectives for the immediate future and 5?10 years from now ? Conclusion The following should be evident in the Final Presentation: ? Research (using sources to formulate the presentation) ? Explanation (articulating the issue or problem to be addressed) ? Analysis (looking at the connections between the facts and assumptions when discussing your issue) ? Stance (taking a definitive perspective and calling for specific goals) ? Understanding (acknowledging any counter perspectives or problems related to proposed solutions) ? Implementation (listing concrete steps?both personal and involving others?that might taken to solve the problem) Resources,,,,3, but must have: Loeb, P. R. (2010). Soul of a citizen: Living with conviction in challenging times (rev. ed.). New York, NY: St. Martin?s Griffin. Chapter 10, ?Pieces of a Vision? (pp. 257?286)

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