Feeding the Poor

On a trip to India with my family, I realized how much we take everyday things for granted. I know there are many homeless people in the country, but I never realized the extent of it. The poor lined up on every street. Many had houses made of cardboard, wood, and paper. Staying in my five star hotel in front of them, I felt that something needed to be done to help them out. These people should not be living on the street, and I decided that I was going to do everything in my power to get them in homes, beginning a new life. I went to India the summer of my eighth grade year. Everyone in my family came except my dad. I was shocked to find homeless people crowding every street we walked on and taking up a vast majority of the country. I have seen homeless people in America, but never to that extent. My family and I went to India for religious purposes, but I could not stop wondering how so much of the country could be living in poverty and wondering why there wasn’t anyone around trying to help these people out. I could not bear to see those poeple’s faces look at me, hoping and wondering if I was going to give them some food or money. I told my mother we had to do something. We could not let them starve. I made a long distance call to my dad at work and explained the situation. He told me that he understood, but it was impossible for our single family to help out the entire country. I convinced him that the least we could do was help out as much as we could. He agreed to help without much hesitation and informed me that the next day I would receive money. With that money, I was to buy supplies such as food, clothes, medicine, and any other necessities. I felt satisfied and immediately began searching for restaurants and other food places that would donate some of the leftover food. I quickly found four different restaurants that were willing to help, and I set up a meeting with them so I could deliver food. The next day, as my dad had p…

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