Fay Wray was born on September, 15, 1907at Cardston, Alberta,

Fay Wray was born on September, 15, 1907at Cardston, Alberta, (http://www.shillpages.com /FayWray first paragraph). When she was only three, her family moved to Arizona and then to Salt Lake City when she was five (http://www.shillpages.com /FayWray first paragraph). Her childhood was very hard for her to overcome, due to her sister’s death in 1918 and the separation of he parents. During 1922 when she was in her teen years, Fay left Utah and moved to California where her career as an actress started to take shape. (http://www.shillpages.com /FayWray first paragraph). Due to her participation in school plays, whetted her for a suitable career as an actress. Before she was 19 she appeared in a number of films, mostly westerns. Fay had a contract with Universal for $75 a week. She was chosen to be WAMPAS (Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers) Baby Star of 1926 along with other young actresses such as: Mary Astor, Joan Crawford, Dolores Costello, Marceline Day, Dolores Del Rio, and Janet Gaynor (www. hotad.com/monstermania/2002/faywray/ first section). When she was 19 she took the change to meet Erich Von Stroheim in hopes of playing cast in his film The Wedding March as Mitzi. Her contractor was on her side and decided to cancel her contract and Von Stroheim cast her when she was still 19. Later on she got married to her first husband, John Saunders on June, 15, 1928 when she was only 20(http://www.shillpages.com /FayWray last paragraph). During her career in Hollywood she continued to receive better and better parts which lead to her appearance in the classic 1933 film “king Kong”(1932 King Kong first pages-introduction) This was the film that made her a last longing figure in folklore and myth. Her second husband was screenwriter Robert Riskin in 1942(http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~pringle/silent/ssotm/Sept97/ 13th paragraph). After the release of King Kong she laid back on her career and allowed her personal life t…

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