Favorite Time In History

There are a lot of times in history that strike me as interesting. For instance; the World Wars, the use of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But if I could go back to one point in history, it would be the day of the pioneers here in America. I would return to this period because pioneers were raised to be strong-willed people; they often formed the basic structures of the society to come; and they were one of the first members of a group to settle in an area. During this day and age (the new millennium), children are being sheltered or pampered, as you might say. As a consequence of this, they haven’t learned what they need to know upon entering this “unfair” world. The children of today aren’t as self-reliant as children of the past have grown up to be. But children of the pioneers learned right from the beginning that nothing comes easily. They learned that they had to work very hard for the things they wanted. As a result, this produced strong-willed people. If I, at anytime, would want to play a large roll in society, I would want it to be during the pioneer days. I picked this time because the pioneers formed the basic structures of the society to come, and what better a time to form a society than when it is just beginning. This way I would have a say in almost everything that would have to do with the upcoming society. As a result, I would be satisfied with things having to do with my society that I might normally not be happy with otherwise. The pioneers were one of the first members of a group to settle in an area. Basically, they got their “pick of the land.” This was an advantage for them because they could choose land that was perfectly suited for themselves. Right now my parents are looking for land to build a house. They have found a couple of plots but none that they have deemed worthy. In my opinion, they are being very picky a…

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