What is a custom writing service?

The services that we offer in custom writing cover all areas including essays, term papers, research papers, book reports, movie reviews and many more with anticipations that students will benefit from the wide array of subjects that we are able to cover at blueessays.com. All our services are handled by qualified and experienced professionals with the ultimate goal of making the best out of their abilities in essays, term papers as well as book reports. The subject of your choice is usually accorded a detailed research as well as an original perspective. The policy in billing at blueessays.com offers a high degree of flexibility in the choice of the options based on the deadlines that have been indicated in your college, school or university.

Are your writers qualified for the custom writing?

 The custom paper that you order from us is assigned to the relevant writer with the needed qualifications in that particular field. The team of professional writers at blueessays.com has a wide diversity of academic skills, qualifications as well as backgrounds and we have therefore a wide range of choice for the most suitable person to write your paper. The level of sophistication of the assignment is not a problem with our professional team of writers. We also have several departments at blueessays.com with every single department having specialists in particular field such as Social Science, Humanities, Physical Science, Management, Mathematics, Law, Medicine and Natural Science among others. Be keen on acquiring intellectual and technical resources from blueessays.com so that you can comfortably cope with your ordered assignment.

How quick can my order be accomplished?

 The time of delivery of the order is the choice of the client and you are at liberty to direct us on the most appropriate deadline you prefer such as 6, 8, 12, 24 and 48 hours or 3, 4-6, 7-10 or 11-14 days depending on your convenience. We however never wait for the time indicated to elapse, we usually direct our writers to complete as soon as possible and immediately the order is delivered to the client. Whatever the case, it must be subjected to our plagiarism software and we are sure to deliver before stipulated deadline.

Is it legal to buy custom essays, term papers or book reports from your company?

 Purchasing any custom paper from us is legitimate because our company is not linked to any criminal activities.

Are essays offered by your company truly custom-written?

 Apparently, the custom project written by our company is initiated from scratch. We usually strive to achieve 100 % client satisfaction. We have a professional code of ethics that restricts our writers to copy and paste any information from the internet. This is further ascertained by our plagiarism detection system which is highly efficient and we can authoritatively guarantee 100 % originality in any paper from blueessays.com.

Is it safe to buy from blueessays.com?

We can also assure any client that, blueessays.com is secure and all transactions involving credit cards are handled by Plimus.com. This is a reputable site with more than one million visitors making their authentic payment every month. Having the many millions of members from all over the world, there is SSL standard of encryption in order for the information in the credit card to be acceptable. Currently, all famous as well as reputable online stores across the globe are using the SSL encryption in their business transactions.

How secure is the payment system of your company?

Plimus.com is reputable in handling all the transactions executed via the internet and it has gained popularity in providing secure as well as reliable system for online payments. It can thus be trusted as a safe as well as convenient means of online payments transactions. The information in the credit card is also kept secure as no third party can be allowed to access such information while conducting the transaction. The site has a secure server that facilitates in processing the information in the credit card and an automatic system of deleting that information is used to make sure that no clients’ information has been retained in the system.

In what format do you provide your custom essays?

The custom paper that you have ordered from blueessays.com is written in the format of your choice. Our experts are skilled in these formats such as APA, Oxford, Turabian, MLA and any other. The custom papers from blueessays.com are written by qualified professionals with the specifications being considered unless otherwise specified by the client. The page is double spaced, Times New roman 12 pt and I inch margin although the client may give alternative specifications of the format in the order description section.

What charge will appear on my credit card statement?

“Plimus.com” takes the responsibility of indicating the charges in the statement of the credit card.

 What types of essays/book reports and research papers do you offer?

 The choice of the type of custom paper is made by the client. The client is at liberty to make a choice from the wide range of variety available such as History, Chemistry, Drama, Accounting, Zoology, Business, Biology, Art as well as Literature among others.

What are your guarantees regarding plagiarism?

 Every custom paper generated at blueessays.com must be checked through our software for plagiarism and this is the source of our guarantee for 100 % authenticity.

Can I submit custom essays or term papers done by your company as my own?

 blueessays.com does not in any support plagiarism. In this regard, the custom papers generated by blueessays.com are applicable to you in form of models that assist you in the compilation of you custom paper.

How can I contact your company if I’ve got problems with my ordered paper?

blueessays.com offers a page called “CONTACT US” and the live chat which are avenues for communication between the client and the support department.

Do you offer refunds?

 The primary objective at blueessays.com is to satisfy the needs of the client. The statistics in our company indicates that 97 % of the total number of clients are fully satisfied with our services. We make sure that we work for the benefit of the clients. If the custom paper fails in some way to meet the expectations, we usually encourage the client to submit a revision in 48 hours. The team of writers is standby to address any missing information in the order and the revision is submitted within the revised deadline. The option for a refund is in case that the paper is extraordinary and no writer is able to handle it or in the instance that plagiarism has been detected and there is verification from the customer to prove so. In case you are convinced that the writer cannot meet the requirements as per the details provided, we usually accept to give a refund in 14 days since the expiry of the deadline. However, this has never happened with our agency since we are committed to our duty.