Fantasy, Reality, or Just Plain Indulgence?

Fantasy, Reality, or Just Plain Indulgence? A discerning look at a fine candy advertisement We all tend to compromise our diets during the holidays only to pay the piper on New Years Day. We make our resolutions and vow to put into place new or different behaviors that are advantageous and aimed at making us better people. We all want to be successful. We admire the people who live the American Dream and enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. The winners of that category are those among us who are svelte, confident, and who demand the best things that money can buy. It is the achievers that relish the cream of the crop and the underachievers who get the leftovers. Some tend to fantasize about being a member of the upper crust and struggle with reality later. Our society is centered round the concept that we need instant gratification. We thrive on rewards and tend to live an existence in pseudo-fantasy worlds that allow us to escape the real consequences of our decisions Are we so driven by stigma and social status that we are blind to the perils of our own indulgences? Rocher uses our live-for-the-moment attitudes and our delight in fantasy to target a consumer audience that is far reaching and share a commonality in personal values. Rocher depicted their chocolates as cluster of grapes that draped the side of a silver fruit bowl. The fruit bowl is sitting on a highly polished surface that fades and melts into the background of the picture. The chocolates were placed so that they were in the center of the photo. The chocolates were depicted clearly, while the real fruit was muted and slightly blurred. They were wrapped in a gold foil that reflected the light source and gave them an appearance of being large in size. This draws the viewer to concentrate on the candy and ignore the muted portion of the photograph. At the t…

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