Explain the author’s use of magic in the literally work.

When the full moon shines it’s Magic over Monument valley. Explain the author’s use of magic in the literally work. The author starts of by explaining the purpose of his visit. They are situated at the Arizona Utah border that is twenty-five miles north of kayenta. The author is with two of his friends. The author and his friends wanted to witness and experience the striking, majestic beauty of the full moon rise over the vast expanse of the dessert. (Thesis statement) The author tells the audience that they were beginning to experience the striking beauty of the full moon rise even before sun down. He describes the mysterious magical surroundings by associating it with a Navajo wearing a long dark velvet dress and gleaming ornaments, silently drifting with a flock of ghostly sheep. He imagined the bell of a ram tinkling faintly, the music of which was soon lost in the soft rustling night wind. This left him with the impression that he not seen anything at all. He then imagined that a large woolly dog appeared before them. Its eyes shining like mirrors due to the glow of the campfire. It was very silent but accepted the food the author offered it with grace and dignity and then vanished. The author thought that it probably went of to join the girl and her flock of sheep, not sure whether the dog was a part of the illusion. At sun down, the evening after glow tipped all the cliffs with magenta, which soon deepened to purple. Sand ripples stood out on the flow like Miniature Ocean weaves, but orange in color. Towards the east a pale saffron glow indicated that the moon was just about to rise behind a thin layer of clouds, which looked like the white contrail of an imaginary, invisible jet airplane. With their cameras on tripods, they made casual bets as to the exact place where the moon would rise. The moonrise beauty was like instant enchantment, precisely in between the spires of the Mittens,(two towering pinna…

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