Explain how the IndustrialRevolutionintheU.S had a negative affect

Life after the Civil War was a great hardship for the Southerners. However, the Northerners businesses were doing great and booming. As for America it was becoming a world power. However it already became an industrial power very quickly right after the civil war. But all was not well. There were many great problems with the Revolution at that point. This affected the United States greatly. One of the major problems was corruption within major companies. During this time there were no laws to prohibit companies to merge together to become one larger company. Even though this could help small companies it soon became very controlling such as a communistic business organization. Many companies would keep on merging to create extremely large companies, which conquered its type of product defeating any kind of competition. This was considered to be a monopoly. Many companies failed to do anything about it and soon were to little to handle these large monopolies. Another problem that came to be was with labor. Money was very hard to achieve and everyone needed money to survive. Most people would do anything to make the “most out of a buck”. Such things as sweatshops opened and became a national problem. A sweatshop was a place considered unclean, not safe, and illegal. Many immigrants, and extremely poor people would come and work here. It paid below minimum wages and was unfair to the workers. However, whoever was controlling the sweatshops were gaining more money because of hiring people cheap and getting most of the profits of the products sold back. Another problem was child labor. Even though child labor was unfair and very dangerous many families needed it. The child would have worked 6 days and 10 hours each day for low pay (usually lower than men who would work the same type of job) These problems created a larger problem that affected all of the American economy, major strikes. Major strikes could greatly weaken (eve…

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