Every generation has it’s own marks and specifications that help you to distinguish it from the others.

In my opinion every generation has it’s own marks and specifications that help you to distinguish it from the others. I thing that the gap between my own generation and the one before that is quite big. On the other hand we should remember that not all the people are the same, that’s why it is better to say that I am going to write about the most recent repetitive elements in my own generation and the things that are defining it as one. The people my age are having totally various ways of living and thinking compare to our parents’. Our hopes and believes are also quite different and sometimes even opposite. The generation my age has a lot of things that we should be glad for and also thankful to our predators. I believe that the history is playing a big part in the formation of the individuals. Probably that is the most important reason why the people from different ages are so antithetic. If we look back and compare our grandparents to ourselves, we can easily find so many contrasts. The most essential one is our ties to the traditions and customs from the past, the way we are accepting the history and the present. It is so obvious how the new generations are not so familiar with the past and what happen back there. Even my own generation doesn’t care much about the historical facts and the old literature that are the predecessors of the new century. Sometimes that is sad, but probably that is the way the history is being made. That is one of the reasons why it is repeating over and over again and only the participants in it are different, but the mistakes are the same. To be a member of a specific generation first of all you need to belong to a group of people you are related historically to and also to belong to a family in cultural perspective. The biological connection is absolutely necessarily so then you can characterize and distinguish your own generation. The easiest way to do that is to look at your family and you …

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