Every business or commercial transaction creates rights and obligations in relation to both parties.

ALMOST every business or commercial transaction creates rights and obligations in relation to both parties. And so when a person purchases a car, the obligation of the purchaser is to pay up and for the seller to provide the car which has all the features promised. When the purchaser does not get the car which he was led to believe is what he is paying for, he will be disappointed. And when the seller does not bother to address the situation, the buyer will become even more frustrated. A reader and his family wanted to own a car made by a particular manufacturer. They already have two cars and looked forward to owning the latest in the series. Unfortunately his problems with the dealer began the moment the family received the car. He says: “Firstly, numerous faults were found in the car. Unfortunately we were delivered the new car during a rainy day and I was unable to fully inspect the car before receiving the car officially. “After driving the car for a couple of weeks, I finally found the contact details for the car supplier’s Customer Service and Feedback department. The initial meeting was arranged for them to inspect my new car. “During the initial inspection, the representative of the company agreed that my complaints were valid and faulty parts had to be replaced. The faulty areas included a loosely fitted boot carpeting, a gap on the driver’s side control door panel, graffiti on every door panel, loosely fitted roof lining, loosely fitted steering column cover, loosely fitted left front window panel, loud noise coming from the front right side and a hollow-sounding right front door.” Some of these defects were rectified earlier and some later, but some have not been rectified at all. The problem lies with what has not been rectified or inadequately rectified. The issue that arises is how the buyer of such a car can deal with this kind of situation. Does he have to take the matter to court? …

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