Ever since I can remeber, I have had one favorite television sitcom.

Ever since I can remeber, I have had one favorite television sitcom. It’s a show that I have truly identified with over the years. Although, it is not considered to be hip and up to date, I still watch it every time I have a chance to do so, and enjoy it as much as I did twenty years ago. “I Love Lucy” was first aired on television on, October 15,1951. This of course was way before I was even born. However, the show has such a long life span on television that by the time I was old enough to watch T.V it was still one of the top shows on television. Many people consider me to be old-fashioned because “I Love Lucy” happens to be my favorite sitcom on t.v till this very day. However, I do understand why some might think that way beign that there are so, many good shows on t.v that mimic today’s way of life and I am still faithful to a black and white show that aired in the 50’s. I believe that is my attraction to the show. The fact that the sitcom “I Love Lucy” shows the way of life when life seemed to be more traditianal and less complicated. The cast in the show consisted of Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) the stay at home wife, with too much time on her hands, Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) who played the role of her Cuban husband and bread winner of the house, who worked nights as a band leader at a club. Fred (William Frawley)who was Ricky and Lucy’s best friens and landlord andlast but not least Ethel (Vivian Vance) who played Fred’s wife and Lucy’s partner in crime. The cast in the show was great. They all complimented each other like many few cast members in a show, ever do. For instance,Lucy was wild and nutty.She was always coming up with some outrarageose ways to get into the show business. Ethel, her bestfriend, who was more level headed, always managed to get tangled in Lucy’s plan to become famous, and in the end they would both end up in some sort of trouble. Then there were the two men in the show, Ricky and…

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