Essay questions

These are to be longer essays comparing and defining musics from specific places. Give as much information as you can regarding the who, what, where, when, and whys of standard essays. Give musical examples from the text. 1)What concrete evidence do we have about music from Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt as found in pictures, describe what is depicted: instruments, dancers, singers, as well as the most ancient piece of written music found on a cuneiform tablet? 2)How did ancient Greece and the Hebrews influence the development of music theory during the Middle Ages. Consider in particular the music theorists of Greece (5th century B.C.E. (= B.C.) and Boethius in the 5th century C.E. (= A.D.) and the Hebraic psalm singing practice. 3)Why were Johannes de Garlandia and Franco of Cologne so important to the development of rhythmic notation in the Middle Ages? 4)Perotin is credited with developing the “motet.” Briefly describe how the motet emerged from the Clausula. 5)Name and describe the three main forms developed by troubadours and trouveres in Medieval France. 6)What was the “Greater Perfect System?” and who developed it? 7)Who were the Minnesingers and what did they write? 8)Define parallel organum. How was it used? What made it parallel? 9)Define “neume” and “heighted neume.” What did it indicate, e.g. melody, rhythm? Where was it used? 10)Spain was noted for this kind of monophonic secular song. 11)Define trope. Where was it found and why was it used? 12)Define “Sumer is icumen in.” Where did it originate. What is its form? 13)Describe the parts of the Mass as laid out by Pope Gregory (ca. 600 C.E.). What were the books that contained the Mass chants and which contained Office chants? What were melismatic and syllabic chants? 14)Describe the Magnus Liber Organi as to its contents and composers. Name and describe the types of compositions which are to be found in this book as found in the treatise of Anonymous IV. you can use the book if it helps A History of Western Music, 8th Edition by Burkholder, Grout, and Palisca or you can also look online to answer these questions

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