Epiphany of characters :Long Day

Every book has situations where the characters have moments of strong realization or epiphany. In the play Long Day’s Journey into Night, written by Eugene O’Neill, the four main characters have sudden insights leading them to see their situations differently. Tyrone, Jamie, Mary and Edmund all learn something about themselves, or how they feel in the situation where they are struck by reality. Tyrone understands how he feels when he gains a new realization in his paranoia for saving money. Everyone in the family, feels concerned and anxious about Edmund’s illness, and wants to act nicely toward him. One evening, Tyrone yells at Edmund to turn out the lights in order to save money, and it turns into a big argument. “Listen to me! I’ve put up with a lot from you”?you’ll obey me and put out that light or, big as you are I’ll give you a thrashing that’ll teach you-!” he says, and then suddenly realizes and stops, feeling guilty because of Edmund’s illness. He quickly corrects himself, by saying, “Forgive me, lad. I forgot- You shouldn’t goad me into losing my temper.” Tyrone’s reaction implies that he remembers he may lose Edmund, and learns that he should treat him with sympathy so he does not regret his actions or words in the future. Like Tyrone, Jamie also comes across a quick realization during his moment of epiphany. The entire Tyrone family is sensitive about the subject of Mary’s morphine addiction, especially Tyrone. In the morning, Jamie talks to Tyrone about Mary seeming normal, except for her jittery behavior. Tyrone immediately pounces on Jamie, and asks why she only seems normal, because he wants to believe she is doing fine. When Jamie sees Tyrone become upset, he quickly realizes and fixes himself by saying regretfully, “I was all wrong. It’s just that last night- Well, you know how it is, I can’t forget the past.” Jamie learns that he should avoid discussing the matt…

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