environment Pollution in South Africa

Environmental pollution The environment is very important to society existence and the quality of life we live. In South Africa environmental pollution is a big issue. Water, air pollution, sanitation not to mention deforestation is by no means new to South Africa but urbanization and industrialization has presented it with new challenges and has taken a toll on the environment. South Africa has a lot of coal mines and the demands for coal to produce electricity are growing and with it come water and air pollution. It presents a real risk to Health and contributes to global warming. According to USAID, South Africa plays a dominant role in the region energy sector as a major exporter of electricity to other member countries of the southern African Development Community.? Compare to other African countries South Africa?s share of the total African Carbon emission in 1997 was 42%, 74% of that was coal, 22% oil and 1.6% natural gas. In comparison to the United States 24% energy consumption South Africa consumption is a mere 2%(school.net.org). Many people in south Africa still do not have access to clean drinking water, run off from the production of coal mines could potentially contaminate the drinking supplies. Lack of basic sanitation in some areas can have dire Health consequences. Many of the people that will be affected are most likely to be South Africa?s poor: women and children. References: USAID. South Africa, Environment https://www.usaid.gov/south-africa/environment Retrieved March 2, 2016 South Africa: Environmental Issues https://ace.schoolnet.org.za/cd/ukzncore2a/documents/core2a.south_africa.htm retrieved March 2, 2016 Professor remarks Stacy – This paper seemed rushed. It was under the required word limit, used only two sources of information and did not connect the Health issues of clean drinking water and basic sanitation back to Health indicators. I was looking for information on how many people in South Africa lack access to clean water and basic sanitation and for you to tell me what the dire consequences are for lack of these basic services. You also needed a citation for the information in the second paragraph. Note for writer please rewrite and use at least 5 to 6 source. Thanks

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