Enlightenment: the new Renaissance

Progress is a term often associated with long periods of time. One achieves progress over time, by experiencing, learning and observing knowledge. The commencement of the Renaissance period in the 1500s rejuvenated the face of the European continent by inducing rapid movement towards progress. New philosophical, scientific, and artistic ideas were brought forth and implemented in society, as well as societal changes in such domains as religion and human rights. Progress did not end with Renaissance. Two hundred years later, Enlightenment produced the same results. More concepts were introduced in society, advancing progress and By its implementation of new philosophical ideas, changes in society, and promotion of the dignity of human beings, the Enlightenment can be viewed as the 18th century Renaissance. Both progressive periods viewed philosophy as an important aspect of one’s life. Philosophy was a new path towards the explanation of life and its surroundings. The surge of philosophical ideas began pouring in at the beginning of Renaissance. Intellectuals from all walks of life presented their ideas, some more logical and coherent that others. The common theme amongst these ideas was humanism”?the concern with creating a better life for human in the secular world, which includes, their well-being, nature and development. Humanists often distinguished in their works the new age, Renaissance, and the preceding era, Medieval Ages, which they believed to be grotesque, ignorant and “? Three important philosophers of the Renaissance period were Baldasarre Castiglione, Thomas More, and Desiderius Erasmus. Their philosophies were based on manners, politics, and education respectively. Castiglione wrote about the ideal gentleman”?the renaissance man”?an individual who excelled in all matters and strove beyond the extraordinary. The renaissance man practiced virtues of moderation, wisdom, liberality, and justice in public and private …

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