Emotional Intelligence

Introduction “Forget the old world order. Forget what you knew yesterday. The revolutionary reality is that 3.5 kilograms of brain holds the key to all our futures” (Funky Business, 2004, para. 3). We live in a global economy where small, medium and large companies all fight for a small share of the same market. Whether you are in a small town in northern Sweden or on Wall Street, you still have to compete for the same customers. In this new global economy it is not enough to try to bring down costs by rationalising, implementing time management or reducing product turnover time. To stay on top in an ever changing, global market you have to have something that your competitors don not have. When you have maximised all your tangible assets the only thing left to get that cutting edge is to develop you intangible assets. This research essay will focus on that 3.5 kilogram intangible asset called the brain and how Emotional Intelligence (EI) can lift companies into the clouds. The topic that was given was “Emotional Intelligence is just another name for character development and while it may help people, cannot help business be more profitable”. I will show you trough research that there is a fault in this statement and that EI, even though you might look at is as just character development, will indeed help boost the profitability of the company. This essay will focus on three different areas where EI can be of use for the organisation. The first one is in the area of sales, the second area that will be look at is the loyalty of customers and employees and last but not least, the over all performance of the organisation Emotional Intelligence, does it really work? EI will increase the company’s sales. Scott (1999) looks at how American Express Financial Advisors (AEFA) used EI as a mean to increase sales. AEFA started researching why only 28% of there customers were buying life insurance from there financial advisor…

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