Emily Dickinson Poem 401 Review

A poet named Emily Dickinson once graced the world with her thoughts and poetry. Tho-se ideas are still around today in the form of words in her poems. A particular poem that is interesting is 401, which discusses such ideas as Religion, hypocrisy, and human nature. This three-stanza poem tells us more than a hundred page essay could in terms of how Emily viewed the world around her. The first stanza in poem 401 is rather sarcastic. Emily seams to be writing about the perfect person at first glance of this stanza. Later, however, the poem basically proves this perfection false. Emily appears to be writing about something “soft” and angelic, “Cherubic.” The second line of the poem is that which designates to whom Emily is writing this poem to. “Gentlewomen,” are the people Emily says she is writing to. But, if one knows about Emily’s life, one can see who the real subjects of her poem are. These “Gentlewomen,” she describes are the ladies of the church, which one knows that she did not particularly like. So already in the second line of the poem she is sarcastic in the way she refers to her audience. But she then goes on to say other, far more sarcastic things about these ladies. She first says that, “”One would as soon assault a plush-.” This is sarcastic in that one would not ever have reason to assault something like a stuffed animal because it is an inanimate object. Emily then goes and states the fourth line, “Or violate a star-.” This final line of the first stanza is incredibly sarcastic because of the fact that it is impossible to do such a thing as to violate a star. This first stanza gives a sarcastic introduction to the people she is talking to in her poem. It actually appears to be an insult as the poem progresses. In the second stanza of this poem, the mood changes drastically. This stanza is basically a description of those “Gentlewomen,” mentioned earlier. This is a d…

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