Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest Exercise

Make a schedule of all of the things that you would have do that would take you away from your house/apartment during a week (Monday morning through Sunday evening). Include activities such as grocery shopping, laundry, doctor/dentist appointments, and sporting events. Give times when you wouldl leave and return for each appointment/errand. Do not include visiting friends, going to the library, or studying outside of your residence. Now follow the schedule as though your freedom depended on it. When at your residence, you must stay within 100 feet of your cable box at all times. You may not use your phone for more than 10 minutes at a time. Record how many times you have to violate these rules. How many time would you be tempted to violate them? How would you feel when tempted? Imagine that you had only an old television and a radio, that you lived in a run down apartment in a poor neighborhood and that you had to do this for months at a time. Now write down your feelings about electronic monitoring and house arrest. Has this exercise changed the way that you look at electronic monitoring and house arrest? If so, how and why? If not, why not? PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!!

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