During a person’s life, one may often feel the need to seek revenge.

During a person’s life, one may often feel the need to seek revenge. Hamlet, a famous novel, by William Shakespeare was written during medieval times. Hamlet, the protagonist of the novel, finds out that his uncle, Claudius, murdered his father, Hamlet Sr. The apparition of Hamlet’s father appears in the woods, informed Hamlet that he must take revenge upon Claudius for his vicious murder. He was outraged and began to act eccentrically, while contemplating a meticulous plan to eliminate Claudius and those who are in his paths of achieving his goal, which was to revenge on Claudius. With an occulted secret of Claudius murdering Hamlet Sr., it later made a big impingement on others within the kingdom, affecting Polonius and his family. Laertes, son of Polonius, took vengeance on Hamlet after his discovery of his father being decapitated by Hamlet. While those catastrophic events occur within the kingdom, Young Fortinbras schemed secretly to get even with Denmark, in order to restore his land back and gain back respect and honor for his father, country, and himself. Therefore, people take a hold of revenge and use it against others to solve their problems. Hamlet, the main character in the novel, searches revenge on Claudius. For instance, while Hamlet was conversing with Gertrude in her room, Polonius spontaneously jumped out behind the arras and cried for help. Hamlet caught him spying and eavesdropping on his conversation with Gertrude. Hamlet exclaimed, “How now! A rat? Dead, for aducat, dead” (190). Hamlet was expecting the man spying behind the curtains to be Claudius, so he hastily advanced his rapier through the arras killing Polonius. However, he soon discovered it was not Claudius, but Hamlet was not disappointed that it was Polonius because he was a dishonest, intrusive, arrogant man who was in his way of revenge. Hamlet did not feel or show any sympathy for Polonius’ death, for he believed Polonius deserved his fate. Endin…

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