Don’t Be Scared To Debate

Do Be Afraid to Debate Michiko Kakutani wrote an article in the New York Times called “Debate? Dissent? Discussion? Oh, Don’t Go There!” which talked about the new generation and how they act about things. She talked about a few catch phrases that the new generation of college students use. She talks about Neil Howe and William Strauss’s book Millennials Rising which talked about how “teenagers born in the early 1800’s are less rebellious than their predecessors,” and article by David Brooks in The Atlantic Monthly in which he argued “that elite college students today “don’t shout out their differences or declare them in political or social movements” because they do not belong to a generation that is “fighting to emancipate itself form the past,” because most of them are “not trying to buck the system; they’re trying to climb it.” Most people from ages twenty to thirty and people of all sexes would more than likely is a reader of this article. Writers, reporters, debaters, teachers, and people who have a higher college education would also be a reader of the article. The author and the readers would probably both the same way about the statement “argue about what you think is right.” The features of the text that seem most crucial to understand are the supporting evidence because they’re really isn’t much supporting evidence at all given in the article. The arrangement of arguments helps to make this articles arguments more convincing and persuasive the reader. The supporting evidence makes the essay quite difficult to read because there’s really not a whole lot of evidence proving the essay’s argument. The claim is the most appealing part of the essay because it went very well with the title of the essay. The claim was, “In a much talked about article in The Atlantic Monthly a year ago, the writer David Brooks argued that elite college students today “don’t shout out the…

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