Do You Know Your Rights? Or Are You A Victim Of Workers Compensation!

Do You Know Your Rights? Or Are You A Victim Of Workers Compensation! If you think the Workers Compensation insurance carrier is your friend, you are mistaken; you are just a “Number” to them. If you do not follow the correct steps, you can easily become the victim of Workers Compensation. Know your rights; get informed so you do not become a victim. Obtain a Lawyer and follow their advice because this could be your life; never think this can’t happen to you because it could at any time. So be prepared. This is my experience. I got hurt on the job and I sought emergency medical treatment. You think everything is going to be ok, the results are in and you find out that you have a severe back injury, and you will be unable to return to work until you seek further treatment and Physical Therapy. You are confident that your medical bills will be taken care of and you will be paid for the time you are off from work. Should you be this confident, you would like to think so. You receive your first check only to find out you have only been paid 2/3 of your pay. Meanwhile you are still in pain and can not return to work yet. You keep seeking treatment and follow all your Doctor’s orders but you are progressing slowly. Then you receive a letter in the mail ordering you to see one of the Workers Compensation’s Doctor’s. The letter claims if you do not agree to see their Doctor your benefits will be revoked. So you oblige them and do as you are ordered, even though Workers Compensation is not too friendly anymore. You see Workers Compensation’s Doctor and he tells you that you still have an injury and that you are not completely healed. The Doctor orders an MRI and the tests reveal a few herniated disks that still are not healing. You bring the MRI (X-ray) to your Doctor and they want to refer you to a Specialist because of the slow improvements. While you are waiting for the referral you …

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