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Dissertation structure:Chapter 1 Introduction?® Provide an evidence-based reason why you undertook this dissertation? Therefore there is a need to investigate ?® Clear set out your aim (1 aim normal the dissertation title) and objectives (4 to 6objectives)?® Brief overview of research methodology?® Outlines structure of dissertationChapter 2 Literature Review?® Introduction purpose, structure and value added ? Same for all chapters (except perhaps Ch 1)?® Cites key relevant writers?® Includes current literature, 5 years or lessCritically comments on the literature, does not simply repeat what the authors wroteChapter 3 Research Methodology?® Structure around Saunders et al onion ?® Explains what concepts entail eg inductive?® Describe and justify choices?® Cites conceptual theory to support discussion, BUT also empirical work that has used similar methodology?® Includes ethics and limitations sections which are based on explanation and linked to cited literatureChapter 4 Findings & Discussion?® Findings simply states key points eg 50% aged 16-25 years old, 31% 26-35 ?® Discussions explore what the findings mean in relation to the ideas raised in the literature synthesiseChapter 5 Conclusions?® Conclusion should summarise the key themes ? Tip: align to your original aim/objectives ? investigate X in order to achieve Y ?® Recommendations (SMART) both in relation to the topic, but also the research process you followed?® Strengths and limitations?® Avenues for future work

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