Disobedience to the law symbolizes breaing the covenant with

” Disobedience to the law symbolizes breaking the covenant with God ” by Dennis A. Tuwahan They say that laws are part of being an individual; an integral part of being a citizen. Flanking to this fact is my personal belief that it is indeed a crucial part. Laws were established in order for us to have a complete awareness of what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. Insubordination to the laws bring no goodness and succumbs oneself to the intended consequences. We live our lives in accordance with the established laws. We are always and will constantly be attached with it. There is a need for us to conform with such laws because its one way of exemplifying our respect and obedience to the superiors. Its also one way of fulfilling our duty as a citizen. To kowtow such laws indeed impels that we are a law-abiding citizen. However did we ever come to realize that knowing the laws meant more than just obeying it? Did we ever come to think that a more important law exists? It is thwarting to say that we are more acquainted and familiarized with the man-made laws or the laws made by and agreed by the people. We place an important value of these laws and we tend to become very oblivious that a more important law exist; The Ten Commandments, which is actually considered the divine law. I am coaxed by the fact that we know more about the man-made laws rather than the Ten Commandments of God. We could never elude with this reality because it is actually happening. Understanding the Ten Commandments should be centered in our hearts, inculcated in our minds and should touch the chords of our heart. The Ten Commandments as far as I’m concerned, constitute the basic imperatives needed for life in community like a community “Bill of Rights”. They sketch for us the limits or parameters within which we, the people of God must live our life of faith, hope and love in our redeeming Lord and amon…

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