Discussion on Robert Blake’s poems

In any piece of writing, there is always a theme to the story. It is what keeps the story interesting and what makes the story come together. However, theme is not only used in story writing, many poets use a theme in their pieces. Shakespeare used themes such as tragedy and revenge in his pieces to make the story appealing. Using a theme that people can relate to is a powerful tool in literature writing because it makes it that much easier for the audience to enjoy the piece without trying to analyze it. William Blake incorporates themes such as poverty and illness in his masterpieces mainly because his audience can relate to them and therefore, have a deeper appreciation for his literature. In the poem “The Human Abstract”, the first two lines of the poem present the theme of poverty. They state that if there were no poor or poverty-stricken people, there would be no pity in the world. Furthermore, the second line says, “If we did not make somebody Poor”, using the world “make” in this sentence deems that people made other people poor so there would be pity in the world. That the rich can now give out pity and help the less fortunate and in return, they feel better about themselves but this could be eliminated if we did not “make” somebody poor. This line shows how greedy the human race is. They will crush someone else to elevate themselves and help that same person through their misfortunes they created for them just to increase their status. In the next two lines, the same type of writing is present however, it is not in discussion on poverty but happiness. It states there would be no mercy if everyone were happy. That happiness can never be shared among everyone because it would eliminate the sense of mercy. Mercy is something that cannot be avoided. It even ties with poverty. The rich show mercy to the poor by helping them. Someone that has not paid their month’s rent because of insufficient funds would normal…

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