Discussion 2.7

You are hired as an airlines marketing consultant to provide all the major US carriers with process improvements in their buying process for new aircraft. According to recent reports in aviation related publications and newspapers, many Gulf-based airlines (Links to an external site.) (i.e. Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad airlines) are buying the state of the art Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus 380 to position their company for expansion into US and Canadian markets. Provide an overview for each of the four stages in the buying process, which include a description of the category of the organizational buyer, the buying process itself, purchase type influences on buying, structural influences on buying, behavioral influences on buying and the stages in the buying process. Do your best to research additional articles to support your proposed improvements in the buying process for these airlines and your own experiences in this analysis. As you apply these concepts reflect upon the buying process by which these organizations are buying the newer aircrafts and providing services to meet the needs of the customer. Please provide feedback to at least two of your classmates in this forum. Remember that your activity in the Discussion Board should demonstrate that you can conduct a scholarly dialogue, applying one or more concepts from your readings with original analysis, article research, and interpretation.

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