Discuss the effect of parental neglect on the education of elementary school students

You will need to find and use AT LEAST 3 peer reviewed journals on the effect of parental neglect on the education of elementary students. Be sure to mention scientific process as much as you can throughout your paper. In-text citations You must have citations in-text or your paper will be considered plagiarism and you will receive a zero on the paper Reference Section at end of paper does not count toward page count For the content part of this paper you must talk about the research you found on your topic of interest and how you see the scientific process at work through this research. You must also describe your personal experience with service learning this semester and how you saw the scientific process at work during your education in the elementary school you visited 4 times during their class hour. (We visited a local underprivileged elementary school and talked to the kids about science and technology. Then we made a prototype knee brace from plastic, aluminum foil, etc.) Our goal was to see scientific process throughout the project like trial and error, improving the product and research. The teacher mentioned the lack of interest of parents to their children. They would not attend parent teacher meetings, not make sure their children did their homework or be prepared for class. I personally tried to help some of these students to finish their homework before going home since they said their parents wouldn’t help them and be busy with watching TV, playing video games, etc.

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