Discover physical journey that the characters face

I have chosen two scenes in which physical journey will be talked bout, with these scenes you will be able to discover physical journey that the characters face and the result of these journeys. With the scene that I have chosen which is Act 3 scene 1, we can see that coral and Roy embark on a physical journey to the gold coast in which for them to escape from the thoughts and the people they use to be at home. Coral and Roy are haunted by the death of there son who died in the Vietnam War because of his physical journey that he took on it has left Coral and Roy scarred for life, because of his physical journey you could see that it had an affect towards the people he new and the ones he loved. So for coral and Roy to go away to the gold coast was a morality of escape from the past. But even those Coral and Roy take this physical journey to get away from the past Coral bring the past with her on the journey. “You would have made a good soldier, footslogger. You’d have made it into the army very easily. You would have breezed through the medical. The uniform would have fitted you like a glove. Your hair might have needed a bit of a trim.”(page 28) from this quote we can see that coral on her holiday has not forgot about the past but yet dragged it along with her in which Rick reminds her of her son and the chances he could of had. For the result of this physical journey Roy felt that Coral was not accepting the fact that her son had died he wanted Coral to move on and accept what has happened and look towards the future and worry bout the present and not the past. In the next scene we are placed with the character Vic, Harry, Tom, Gwen, Jim, and Meg. Because of the tragedy that has happened with the storm it has forced Gwen, Jim and Meg to make a new destination. Because of this new destination they had to make it has brought 2 families together in which for them to both intake a physical journey. Gwen sees herself in another p…

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