Different types of people can interpret literature differently.

In modern society, what the responder is feeling is more important than what the author is trying to say. Different types of people can interpret literature differently. A feminist may interpret a text differently to a psychologist. For example, the feminist may be looking at the unfair treatment of women by the characters in the society, while a psychologist might be looking for the reasons for that, or what might result from the act. Othello is one such play. This essay will explore the psychoanalytical view as well as the feminist view. In the play “Othello”, the audience would notice that the Venetians had very low regard for women. Women were regarded as a passive presence, and their opinion did not matter. The psychoanalytical view would be exploring Iago, a self-centred individual who would go to any lengths to enhance his life, and even lie to himself on the way to make himself seem noble. The duplicity of Iago’s character and his internal struggle will also be explored through the psychoanalytical view. In scene one the audience finds out that Iago has a lot of hatred for Othello, and uses some very base imagery to describe him. Iago explains to, what the audience sees as his closest friend, that he hates Othello as he was passed on for a promotion wrongfully. Up to this point the picture of Iago in the mind of the audience is that he is a self-centred person, who only follows himself. He has very little education and therefore uses base language and animal imagery to describe the other characters. Through his soliloquies the audience finds out just how twisted he is. His language is purely dark, which portrays his character. On occasions he admits that he is the villain and that he in fact is evil. He does not recognize friends even though many recognize him as a friend. He only seeks to enhance his life, and if that means destroying everyone around him than he is content with doing it. In fact he gets pleasure of th…

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