Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics,

Essay Question: Describe the primary goal of this paper and the authorsƒ?? hypotheses (1 point). Did parental education predict parent endorsement of youth ADHD symptoms, and if so did this variable predict endorsement consistently across type of ADHD symptoms (e.g., inattentive and hyperactivity symptoms; 1 point). In their discussion, the authors discuss two primary reasons why they believe they found these results. Briefly, describe these two reasons (2 points). What are potential implications for the assessment of ADHD (e.g., what types of assessments are needed; 1 point)? Paper Citation: Weckerly, J., Aarons, G. A., Leslie, L. K., Garland, A. F., Landsverk, J., & Hough, R. L. (2005). Attention on inattention: The differential effect of caregiver education on ADHD symptoms. Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 26, 201-208.

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