Developing Information SERVICES

Assignment 1: Developing Information SERVICES (1) An outline of the services to be provided by your information unit and of any tools required to support these services (for instance, communication or virtual reference library tools). (2) A ?useful links? list of 20-30 authoritative core resources that you think especially useful to the researchers, one that takes account of the interdisciplinary nature of their research and includes a representative sample of e-journals, e-reference resources (free or supplied by subscription), subscription databases that cover relevant subject fields (include 4-5), e-books (if applicable) and relevant web resources. (3) Notes to accompany each of the above resources, using, as a minimum, evaluative criteria such as currency, authority, audience and relevance (feel free to use others). Aim approximately at a 100-word annotation for each resource. (4) A mock-up of an online information request form that replicates the ?reference interview?. (Note that this should be a text document.) (5) An outline program of information literacy instruction, appropriate to the user community. There are two parts to your submission. Part 1 (1,000-1,500 words) For the first part of your assignment submission, write a reflective piece of work: (1) Discussing your two best contributions and why you think they were of value to the activity; (2) Outlining two significant lessons learned and why they were of special value to you; (3) Commenting on what did and did not work in the team approach afforded by a collaborative online space; (4) Documenting, with examples, any developments in your own information and digital literacies in the course. Note that this part of the assignment should consist of reflection on your information practices and not a ?textbook? response to the exercise, but that it is appropriate and desirable nevertheless that you refer to theoretical points covered in reading. Where possible, provide evidence for your statements: for instance, if your information seeking behavior has changed then explain in what ways it has changed. Part 2 (1,000-1,500 words) For the second part of your assignment submission, (1) discuss the program of information literacy instruction that you outlined, (2) write some sample text (maximum 500 words) that covers an important module within the proposed program (taking into account the needs and capabilities of the user community in the case study) and illustrates your thinking on information and digital literacies and (3) comment on what you see as the value of ?traditional? IL standards in the digital information environment. you need to ensure that you draw on a significant body of literature to support your paper ? twelve authoritative sources as a basic minimum. Marking criteria for Assignment The following criteria will be used in marking this assignment: (1) demonstrated linkage of your case study discussion to the theory covered(2) evidence of analytical skills (3) evidence of communication skills (4) awareness of user needs in the context of the case study (5) quality and relevance of literature you draw on to support your decisions (6) presentation, structure, expression, citation and referencing. Note: sources of information and case study are uploaded

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