Describe what yesterday would have been like if you had not used the capabilities of computers.

Workshop 10 Workshop 10 Averett University Workshop 10 9.1-1 Describe what yesterday would have been like if you had not used the capabilities of computers. Keep in mind that businesses with which you deal rely on computers and that many of your appliances are computer-based. Without the use of my computer and the Internet, I would not have had four job opportunities yesterday. Having posted my resume on numerous websites such as and, and submitting my resume to hundreds of companies online through, I was finally able to draw enough attention to my resume that some employers contacted me. When they did contact me, I could look them up through my email and recall what position I had previously applied for. Yesterday the company that offered me a position ran a security clearance on their computers on me and discovered that I have an active clearance, which was the deal breaker for this particular job. Because of yesterdays phone calls, I know have a great job opportunity and it would not have happened if I had not had a computer yesterday. Yesterday, I also used my computer to complete a few of my college homework assignments. Because of my sloppy handwriting abilities, I probably would have still been re-writing them. 9.1-2 Two lawyers used the Internet to broadcast thousands of email messages advertising their services. They were subsequently flamed (sent angry e-mail messages) and vilified by Internet users for what they believed to be an inappropriate use of the Net. The attorneys broke no laws. Was the reaction of the Internet users justified? Explain. Because of the lack of “Internet’ laws and standards of enforceable behavior, I do not believe they did. However, personally I think that this type of behavior is unethical and an invasion of my personal privacy, which is guarantied by the Constitution of the Unite…

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