Derek Jeter has never had the feeling of being with any other major league team.

Derek Jeter has never had the feeling of being with any other major league team. He has won 4 World Series championships with the Yankees so far. The past few years he has not won the World Series but has made it to the play-offs. He has been the center of attraction for several years now. Recently he has had to share the spotlight by the Yankees gaining such players as Jason Giambi, A-rod, and Gary Sheifield. Still Jeter is considered to be the “captain” of the New York Yankees. Just recently he has showed his determination for the game by making a sacrificing diving catch into the seats while playing against the Mets to win the game. He ran to catch a fly ball that was going foul and continued into the crowd. He ended up with a black eye and a cut on his chin. He even played in the next game the following night. In the following game he received a standing ovation by both the Met and the Yankee fans. The Mets’ cheers quickly turned into “Boos” proving that the rivalry was still present. Jeter was in a major slump early in the season. Leaving August Derek Jeter was batting a .168 avg. As of now he has a .280 batting avg. He has had a major turn around this season. I could imagine him Derek being under a great amount of pressure to lead the team because of his role as the captain of the New York Yankees. He has been friends with A-rod since they were in their teens. Little did he know someday they would be playing together and most likely be winning a World Series championship together. Although they are both short stop players Alex Rodriguez had to change his favorite position to a settling position at third base. He didn’t mind making the move to third base because of how much respect he has for Derek and for his game….

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