Democracry in the Southeast Asia. case study: Malaysia

Research question: What are the challenges that the Malaysian politics is facing to fits into the Western definition of liberal democracy and in what ways has Malaysia failed? Research thesis: Although Malaysian politics has certain elements of democracy, there are also consist of certain authoritarian features that caused by the ethnic and social conflicts. Please refer to the research question and thesis for this literature review. This is an ARGUMENTATIVE review of the list of articles below. Please use only these articles: 1- Freedom of Speech and Democracy in Malaysia, Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani April 2008: 85-104. 2- The Myth of Asian-Style Democracy, Steven J. Hood, Sep 1998: 853-866. 3- Low-quality democracy and varied authoritarianism: elites and regimes in Southeast Asia today, William Case, July 2007: 255-269. 4- A Nation in Distress: Human Rights, Authoritarianism, and Asian Values in Malaysia, Wan A. Manan, 1999: 359-381. 5- The limits of civil society in democratising the state: the malaysian case, Azeem Fazwan Ahmad Farouk, 2011: 91-109. 6- Democratisation and the prospects for participatory regionalism in Southeast Asia, Amitav Acharya, 2003: 375-390. 7- Malaysia: Bogey of Racial Tension, Kalpana Sharma, Dec 19, 1987: 2203-2204. 8- Semi-democracy in Malaysia: Withstanding the pressures for regime change, William Case, Summer 1993: 183-205. 9- Asian Style democracy, Clark D. Neher, Nov 1994: 949-961. 10- The ethnic security dilemma: evidence from malaysia, Alan Collins, Dec 1998, Vol. 20, Issue 3. Referring to these list of articles above, explain in details how these articles fit into the research question and thesis and answer the research question and thesis. Spend ONLY 3-4 sentences on introduction and conclusion. FOCUS ON THE BODY PARAGRAPH.

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