Decisions made will impact the future of the world.

As a UN member, I must make choices that will be beneficial to not only one nation, but also the entire world. Many of the decisions made will impact the future of the world. The topics being discussed are Torture, AIDS, Death Penalty, and extreme poverty. These topics have been top national concerns for many nations, they affect many aspects of the way their people live their lives. Everything from the food they eat to the economy they bare, these topics have will affect everyone’s lives. Torture has become recent news in Iraq. Many Iraqis have been put into jails, where only until recently has it become uncovered that they were beaten and abused. Lawyers from the Bush administration have said that the Geneva Convention did not protect the Iraqi Prisoners because they were yet to be declared prisoners of war ( So far the Iraqi prisoners have been labeled detainees, therefore they are incapable of using the Geneva Convention, which protects prisoners of war. As of now, the only prisoner of war is Saddam Hussein. According to the same lawyers, they are not even protected under any international treaties, or rules of war ( Al Queda and the Taliban have gained the title of outlaws, since they have employed methods that contradict the rules of war and they have no care for international borders. Therefore they are not protected by any laws, which defend the rights of the people. Yet at the same time, an UN expert of Human Rights has declared the “freedom from torture and cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment as non-derogable rights.” Since the prisoners are still covered under the protection of the Fourth Geneva Convention, they had the right to the protection guaranteed by the law. In a “Justice Department memo, written for the CIA late in the fall of 2001, put an extremely narrow interpretation on the international anti-torture convention, allowing the agency to use a whole range of techn…

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